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Our Team

Robin Atwood

Executive Director

Robin has been CMRA's Executive Director since 1999. During that time the program has grown from employing 150 people to more than 400 Tennesseans with disabilities across the state. Robin leads a staff of three employees.

Amanda Dean

Finance Director

Amanda joined CMRA in 2011, and handles accounts receivables and incoming purchase orders for certified products.  She also works with subcontracting partner agencies and State customers on contracts, budget workups, certification proposals, and reviews internal and external reporting for accuracy.

Tara Lawson

Contracts Coordinator

Tara joined CMRA in 2012, and as Contracts Coordinator she is responsible for the coordination of CMRA’s internal operations. Tara collects and reports on CMRA program data, assists in the preparation of CMRA contracts and certification paperwork, and she reviews all data and information for accuracy. Tara maintains CMRA’s internal database, manages the CMRA website and handles issues related to the historic building that houses our office.

Reggie Parkerson

Contracts & Procurement Director

Reggie joined CMRA in 2019. As Contracts & Procurement Director, Reggie manages CMRA's contracts for the TDOT rest areas, regional buildings and partnering agencies to ensure contract compliance in the production of products, delivery of services, budget guidelines and contract proposals. Reggie works closely with TDOT and our partnering agencies to ensure compliancy. Reggie conducts rest area and buildings inspections, and manages customer service for our contracts with TDOT, product manufacturers and service providers to identify mutually beneficial opportunities for the State of Tennessee and employees with disabilities. 

Nolan Hendrix

Contracts Specialist

Nolan joined CMRA in 2023 as a Contracts Specialist, Nolan assists the Director of Contracts and Procurement with TDOT contracts, rest areas and regional buildings, where he conducts monthly inspections at various sites across the state to ensure the services provided are above adequate. Nolan also assists the Director of Contracts and Procurement in obtaining new contracts for CMRA to offer employment opportunities to Tennesseans with disabilities.

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