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Our Mission

CMRA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency designated as the Central Nonprofit Agency (CNA) according to the program's statute. CMRA's staff works with both community agencies supporting disabled Tennesseans and private businesses to fulfill state and local government contracts by employing people with disabilities. CMRA's staff looks for contracting opportunities, negotiates with prospective business partners, creates certification proposals and oversees the contracts once they are implemented by CMRA's business partners. Contracts are approved and certifed by the state's Procurement Commission. In addition, CMRA inspects work sites, handles all invoicing and payment distribution, ensures program compliance and mediates any question or differences involving its business partners and customers. CMRA advocates for increased opportunities for employment and advancement for Tennesseans with disabilities.

CMRA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization designated to administer Tennessee’s State Use Program. Our mission is provide employment opportunities for Tennesseans with disabilities.

CMRA manages 19 Tennessee Rest Areas, including Marion County, I-24 East. [Shown above]

Stop by and check out the beautiful view of Nickajack Lake.


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September Records of Completion due to Amanda Dean

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